מעוניינים ליצור עמנו קשר?
אנא מלאו את הפרטים ונחזור אליכם

 If you’re thinking that creating ice simply requires tap water and a big refrigerator – think again! Creating ice requires special equipment, slow processing, expertise, and a great deal of knowledge! Being just one degree off in temperature, during the process may ruin your product completely.

Special equipment for this process allows creating almost anything out of ice: bars, statues, glasses, champagniers, company logos and even structures.  The unique technology in which we specialize allows us to create crystal clear ice.

The first step in ice-carving is done via special swords, while the delicate final stages are done through carving by an ice sculptor or CNC machines for utmost accuracy.  The carving process is done inside a room where temperature reaches 35 below (Celsius).
We utilize a great deal of creative, logistical, and technical experience in planning each and every event and completing the most fascinating ice structures. Each and every project or event is lead by a professional designer from conception to completion, resulting in a product tailor-made for the desired event.

 The ice structure’s final construction and placement is done on site.  The transporting of the ice to the location of the event is done via special deep frozen tracks.  On location, final product is placed on a special draining tray to prevent leakage.  A statue’s longevity can reach up to 6 hours.  A whole bar’s longevity may reach up to 10 hours in a normal environment, including those with sun exposure.

It is possible to light the ice through appropriate lighting that creates spectacular effects of clarity and refraction.

So how is the ice created? We run normal tap water though a layered screening system that includes screening via Quartz screen and a second screening via coal screen.  We then run the water though a 5 micron screen.  Finally, an injection is made via high pressure though reversed osmosis membranes.  We utilize osmosis to decrease the water’s salt level and thus get completely crystal clear ice.  The processed water then enters a special machine that produces the ice extremely slowly.  It takes about 4 and a half days to create a single block.   We always create a few blocks at the same time.